Helping physiotherapy move forward

We investigate the past and present literatures, formulate the most clinically balanced and relevant information, and provide you with resources and education. 


We think physiotherapy profession plays a great role in the health of communities around the world, especially as majority of the world face multi-faceted challenges of improving personal and collective quality of life. Not only that, the landscape of evidence-based physiotherapy clinical practice is changing quickly and massively, as we re-examine many of our long-held beliefs with progressive science and philosophy.

Advanced Physiotherapy Practice Institute (APPI) contributes to this by providing clinically balanced and informed education and courses for physiotherapists.

APPI pilates

The profession has been dominated by a number of concepts over the last number of decades: in 80s, it was electrotherapy (like ultrasound, TENS, interferential); manual therapy in the late 80's and 90's, followed by integration of exercise therapy including Pilates towards the end of the millenium; and over the last number of years science of neurobiology and biopsychosocial model in clinical practice have been causing some positive disrutbances in the think-tank of the industry.

APPI group does not propose a specific interventional method or advocate any modalities; instead we consider the assemblage of past and current scientific literature and practice to provide healthcare education that goes beyond therapeutic interventions.